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Past Exhibitions

"Little Things"
A Small Works Exhibition 

October 2021

The exhibit titled “Little Things”  showcased art in different media from New Jersey based artists. All of the art was under 16" in size.


Fetured Artists:

Anette Juliano, Asja Jung , Carla Valentino, Carol Magnatta, Elaine Shor, Emilia Durkin, Gwynneth Green, Jodi Gerbi, Josie Capozzi, Judith Mugrace, Karey Maurice, Kevin Jakubowski, Lee Leonard, Lori Heninger, Lou Storey, Maggie Brown, Mallory Massara, Meagan Impellizzeri, Michelle Renee Bernard, Michelle Soslau, Sandy Taylor

Curated by: Brittany James

12 Local Artists

July 2021

This exhibit focused on artists' interpretations of ideas of the home as a place and as a feeling.  Through different media, these artists  explored the theme of home in a literal and metaphorical sense, theirs or someone else's, homes of humans and animals, and from inside and outside.

Featured Artists:

Carla Valentino, Heather Brown Cadalzo, Jill Alexander, Joe La Mattina, Jose Arvelo, Judi Hull, Judith Mugrace, Maryann Vitiello, Michelle Renee Bernard, Scott Lukacs, Brittany James, Patrick Schiavino

Curated by: Brittany James

"Peace In The Chaos"
Local Artists and Poets

May 2021

This exhibit featured the work of 12 local artists and 4 poets. It was a showcase of art in different media from New York and New Jersey based artists who used the meditative power of creating art to find peace in the chaos during the past year. “Peace In The Chaos”  focused specifically on artists who convey their emotions through the creative process. The exhibit  displayed a wide range of media from sculpture to painting to poetry.

artists: Brittany James, Caitlin Kohl, Carol Magnatta, Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen, Ernest Wildenhain, Fermin Mendoza, Jennifer Santa Maria, Jessica Matier, Mallory Massara, Patrick Schiavino, Rupa DasGupta, and Vicki Zilatis Stoeckel. In addition, a book of poetry featuring Chris Rockwell, Mark Brunetti, Solange Claws, and Thomas Fucaloro, was on display and for sale with all proceeds going to Asbury Book Cooperative. The collection of poems chosen for “Peace In The Chaos” were written during National Poetry Month during the social quarantine of 2020.

Curated by: Brittany James

0 copy.jpg
"Glow For Joe"
The Art of Joe Harvard

November 2019 

A retrospective art exhibition of the work of the late artist, musician, and author Joe “Harvard” (born Joseph Incagnoli), a mainstay of the thriving artists’ community in Asbury Park. Mr. Harvard was honored by Asbury Underground, art629 Gallery, and his many friends in a celebration of his life and spirit. Over 60 black light sculptures were on display at the gallery with the opening celebration done in complete darkness with only the art illuminated by black light.  100% of sales were donated to the Joe Harvard Fund.

The exhibit was a showcase of the artist’s most recent work, which he referred to as, “found object ‘trash art’ and black lit Day-Glo work”

Curated by Patrick Schiavino and Mallory Massara

"The Locals"
A Group Exhibition of Local
Asbury Underground Artists

October 2018


Featured artists from Asbury Park:

 Brittany James, David Rudolph, E.J. Berzola, Guy Stanley Philoche, Harry Kovair, Jim Inzero, Maggie Brown, Marshal Fox, Michelle Renee’ Bernard, Roddy Wildeman, and Tracy Coon.

This exhibition was curated by Roddy Wildeman who is a multi-media artist and gallerist from Long Branch, NJ. 

Artists Interpretations of the Human Personality

June 2018


Artists’ Interpretations of the Human Personality: Realistic, Surrealistic, Abstract or Conceptual

Featured artists:

 Brittany James, Claire Sheprow, Demetrio Belenky, Jude Harzer, Marcin Szprengiel, MaryAnne Vitiello, Suzanne Anan

Curated by: Patrick Schiavino

Artists for a Cleaner World

April 2018


A group exhibition featuring the work by contemporary artists working exclusively with recycled and/or repurposed objects. 

Featured Artists :

Roddy Wildeman, Joe Harvard, Ronald Gonzalez, Michelle Renee Bernard, Amy Puccio, Michael Malpass, Jose’ Arvelo

Curated by: Patrick Schiavino

"Plays Nicely With Others"
A Group Exhibition curated by 
Almechenko and Bonifas Art Advisory

October 2017


Works by contemporary artists Michael Alago, Gary Baseman, Clayton Brothers, ELLE, C. Finley, Camille Rose Garcia, John John Jesse, Jason Newsted, Cleon Peterson, Vic Selbach, Shelter Serra, Swoon, and many more.

The collection of figurative paintings, photographs, works on paper, and wheat paste collages represented, reveal the diverse handling of the human form across artist and medium. The complex interaction between subjects from artwork to artwork and that of the viewer with the varied subjects requires the etiquette of Playing Nicely with Others. The visual dialogue the works are having with one another and the conversations created between onlookers, highlight how works which may be challenging individually take on a playful relationship when viewed as a whole. The physical aspect of playing nicely through collaboration is also essential in this exhibition as most of the artists included do work with one another on creative and humanitarian projects.

Paintings by Patrick Schiavino and Brittany James

September 2017


An exhibition featuring the work of artist and gallery owner, Patrick Schiavino and his partner, artist Brittany James. Both Schiavino and James live and make their art on Cookman Avenue in Downtown Asbury Park. Schiavino has been running art629 Gallery for over 10 years, where he has hosted numerous eclectic art exhibitions and musical events over that period. He is also founder of the Asbury Underground, the very popular art and music festival which brings thousands of visitors to Asbury Park each October. James has been the resident art teacher at art629  since 2015  where she teaches both oil and acrylic painting classes. She also oversees the open studio sessions and life drawing classes hosted by the gallery which are open to the public.

"Beauty Through Radiation"
A Blacklight Art Exhibit

December 2016


A blacklight art exhibit by Joe Harvard with additional works and music by Mark Davis.

 Curated by: Patrick Schiavino

"The Locals"
A Group Exhibition of Local
Asbury Underground Artists

October 2016


Featured artists: Brittany James, Claire Sheprow, Denise Dmcohowski, Doug Fuchs, Maggie Brown, Mallory Massara, Michael Johnson, Patrick Schiavino, Pork Chop, Roddy Wildeman, Steve Forbert, and Suzanne Anan.

Curated by Patrick Schiavino and presented by Asbury Underground

"Got Wood?"
Sculptures by Roddy Wildeman

September 2015


A solo exhibition featuring the art of Roddy Wildeman

Curated by Patrick Schiavino

"Highway of Sight II"
Photography by Steve Forbert

June 2015


A Photography exhibition feauturing the work of Steve Forbert with a musical performance

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Rock Seen"
Photogrphy by Bob Gruen

January 2015


A Photography exhibition featuring the work of Bob Gruen for the Light of Day Foundation. Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"The Locals"
A Group Exhibition of Local
Asbury Underground Artists

October 2014


Featuring Patrick Schiavino, Pork Chop, Doug Fuchs, Denise Dmochowski, Linda Meyers, Brittany James, Maggie Brown, Mallory Massara, and Zachary Westfall. Other local artists included are Roddy Wildeman (Ocean Grove), Suzanne Anan (Belmar), Sarah Langsam (Bradley Beach).

Curated by Patrick Schiavino and presented by Asbury Underground

"In The Light"
A Group Photography Exhibition 

January 2014

Featuring photographers of past Light of Day Events: Danny Clinch, Debra L. Rothenberg, John Cavanaugh, John Posada, Kristen Driscoll, Kyra Kverno, MarkWeiss and Mike Black.

Curated by Patrick Schiavino

Paintings by Doris China

October 2013


A Special Memorial Exhibition of Paintings by Asbury Park Artist Doris China 

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Ronnie Wood"
Paintings by Ronnie Wood

June 2013


A solo exhibition of art by rock legend Ronnie Wood.

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"The Art of Victoria Hanks"
Paintings by Victoria Hanks

March 2013


A Solo Exhibition of Art by Victoria Hanks

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Recent Works by
Holly Suzanne Radar"
A Solo Exhibition 

August 2012


A Solo Exhibition of Art by Holly Suzanne Radar

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Paintings by Suzanne Anan"
A Solo Exhibition

July 2012


A Solo Exhibition of Art by Suzanna Anan

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Hans and Hans:
Dutch Invasion"
 Hans Withoos and Hans Van Bentem

June 2012


A Photography and Sculpture Exhibition by Netherlands artists Hans Withoos and Hans Van Bentem

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Rock Seen"
Photography of Bob Gruen

May 2012


Famous photographs by the world’s foremost Rock & Roll photographer Bob Gruen 

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Occupy Asbury Park"
Works by Patrick Schiavino and Shephard Fairey

April 2012


Featuring the work of Shepard Fairey and Patrick Schiavino

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Sica's 8th Annual Juried Exhibition"
A Group Exhibition of Local Artists

September 2011

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Two to Three D"
Art by Jean Johnson

July 2011

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Highway of Sight"
Photgraphy of Steve Forbert

February 2011

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Contemporary Female Photographers"
Photgraphy by Local Artists

December 2010







Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

Paintings by Patrick Schiavino

September 2010

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

Art by Bradley Hoffer

August 2010

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Based on Real Life"
Photography by Andi Monick and Gary Dates

July 2010

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

Works by Adam Murray and Corey Antis

June 2010

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"Contemporary Cuban Artist Josignacio"
Paintings by Josignacio

November 2009

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

Paintings by Suzanne Anan

October 2009

Curated by Patrick Schiavino 

"City By The Sea"
Paintings by Asbury Park Artists

 Summer 2023

Featured Artists:

Dean Adams, Donna Rubin, Eleanor James, Jim Twerell, Jude Harzer, Judi Hull, Kamelia Ani, Lois White, Michelle Renee Bernard, MC OConnor, Quasonna Moore, Robert Piersanti, Rupa Das Gupta, Steve Miller, Tom White


 Music by: Mike Noordzy

This exhibit was created to kick off the Sea Hear Now Festival weekend and showcase an array of artwork that beautifully brings Asbury Park to life, depicting buildings, landmarks, and people through photography, paintings, collages, and more!

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